#HerSpiritPassion – Deepa Rai | Fashion Interview | 

Heyyyyy ! Exciting greetings to all😻 Welcome my #HerSpiritPassion first participant — Miss. Deepa Rai ( Former Miss. SIKKIM )  🌸About🌸 || She is Deepa Rai.INDIAN. 5″4. Just completed her graduation. Doing Bsc.Mathematics Hons. A dancer. Majorly, she has been FORMER MISS. SIKKIM 2K15. 😱🙌 || 🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗 🌷Fashion Interview🌷 Me- What is fashion to you? … Continue reading #HerSpiritPassion – Deepa Rai | Fashion Interview | 

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How much a day can teach you…

  Its really surprising how a day can teach you so many things. How it makes you feel 1000 of emotions. So daring ! What I learnt today is no matter whatever it be, just be spontaneous! Today my day went completely opposite to what it actually schedules like. I got a chance to move… Continue reading How much a day can teach you…

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Do you talk about the things you love?

Heyyyy helloooo heyaaa ! Where a cold sheet has covered the weather, I still look out for sunshine. 🌞 Today I was wondering whether you people talk about the things you love or talk about the scarcities?! Its just a friendly reminder to talk about  the things you loveeeee… yeah LOVE ! Be it the… Continue reading Do you talk about the things you love?

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Wowwww! Seriously they deserve a wow. I could sense the deceased emotions getting resparked. Indeed these two are idols for the mass. Especially my favourite Anushka Sharma, an ambitious woman with a straight forward attitude. So inspiring!! When the news channel showcased their wedding pics. It just brought emotions into my eyes. I got extremely… Continue reading Dream wedding : VIRAT KOHLI AND ANUSHKA SHARMA