#HerSpiritPassion – Deepa Rai | Fashion Interview | 

Heyyyyy ! Exciting greetings to all😻 Welcome my #HerSpiritPassion first participant — Miss. Deepa Rai ( Former Miss. SIKKIM )  🌸About🌸 || She is Deepa Rai.INDIAN. 5″4. Just completed her graduation. Doing Bsc.Mathematics Hons. A dancer. Majorly, she has been FORMER MISS. SIKKIM 2K15. 😱🙌 || 🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗 🌷Fashion Interview🌷 Me- What is fashion to you? … Continue reading #HerSpiritPassion – Deepa Rai | Fashion Interview | 

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For the ones who are feeling lonely af !!

Ssh. Right in the middle of your chest I can sense those pangs. Pangs of loneliness. Pangs of pain. Pangs of rejections. Pangs of what not! I can sense the loneliness lingering your veins, mind and heart. It is slowly and steadily eating your peace of mind and happiness. But of course, the feeling of… Continue reading For the ones who are feeling lonely af !!

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”Time Heals Everything”– I don’t agree.

Ssup? Knocked down. Life is good at it after all. Summing up the experiences that occured in your life and living by that (for you think they are the guide) shocks you sometimes. Its easy when a single factor runs out your whole life but it gets more complicated when sum of various factors out… Continue reading ”Time Heals Everything”– I don’t agree.

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Hey parents! Dare to read this?😏

  Being in the ugliest position of not being able to confide into anyone,  specially your parents is so torturing. Isn’t it so irritating and absurd that you wanna confide and tell them about you,  your passion or what’s gripping your mind and heart , and they,  being parents ain’t ready to listen and develop… Continue reading Hey parents! Dare to read this?😏

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Do this & make world your fan🌎⚡😍

My goodness!  The grace with which this lady walks is so powerful and elegant. I feel so proud that Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan belongs yo my country India. Body language is really crucial for every budding person. Who says impressive body language comes with success but I believe it comes while we are working hard-… Continue reading Do this & make world your fan🌎⚡😍

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How much a day can teach you…

  Its really surprising how a day can teach you so many things. How it makes you feel 1000 of emotions. So daring ! What I learnt today is no matter whatever it be, just be spontaneous! Today my day went completely opposite to what it actually schedules like. I got a chance to move… Continue reading How much a day can teach you…