“An open letter to a girl who confronts” πŸ’Œ

Now this era has started shouting out that Girls & Boys are equal.What about their feelings? Does they feel the same? What about their morality? What about their faithfulness? 

Why in each relationship we find girls on an honest level? Why they remain truthful? Why they confide in their guys the whole plot that happened with them? Is it even worth it? 

Sometimes,i feel yeah but sometimes no. We girls suffer a lot. Both physically and emotionally. We most of the time blame society or our baes for that but it proves to be wrong in the end. 

“If you want it to happen,make it happen.”

Yeah if your really want it to happen, just SPEAK UP.  C’mon? Confront them. If in boy’s so-called term we are known as F.B.I ,then actually we are. We hunt their minute details cos’ we do care. 

Ever thought why don’t they spy on you like you do on them? Only because either you speak too much or they want to be on the safer side of the highway. 

In accounting equation, every transaction has dual aspects.Likewise,every situation too have Umm. If we take up this case, then two aspects gets revealed.

First case would be that you confide in them so much (than necessary). Oh,yeah. He knows it that you’re such a wind bag and you will not stop talking and telling him all the scoops that held with you lately. Even if another guy tries to hunt you, you do not hesitate in blurting the same in front of him for you want to remain loyal. He clearly knows that he does not need to spy on you for you tell him everything and this makes him care less, sadly. 

Now if i launch up to the second plot, it is going to be aggressive and needs your dauntless spirit. He might be hiding it cause he knows you will destroy him or eat up his brain (again, in boy’s term) . (This again drives you to the fact that they are afraid of you.Yeah. You,’girl.’ )  But,it does not change the fact that if you want it to happen,make it happen. 

Fight. Until and unless you will fight for your rights and equality in a relationship , you will surely not get them. Why does only a boy enjoy all the perks of being single, yet committed? If boys misterm your confronting language into fighting then its their inability to differ betweeen the two. Confront them. Tell me, either you don’t feel comfortable or your digestive system becomes weak after any of the fuc*in’ shit they do. It is your “right.”  Mark my words, it is YOUR RIGHT for which even if you have to fight , you will. Since, the world wanna hoot up this girls-boys equality stuff, huh? Even if you are scared that your confrontation will make you loose him, then dude, you are on the wrong bridge.What all you can do is just dive? And once again find any worthy bridge for you to hang over. Totally unworth it,totally.

Besides, sulking start putting your Voice Up for no other tool can help you other than your brave voice.
Start your conversation on the title above in case you want to really start empowering the femella zone. Diverse views are welcomed but will be replied back. 

❌Not only for reading purposes, implantation required❌ 

Till then B-L-A-H-O πŸ‘»


50 thoughts on ““An open letter to a girl who confronts” πŸ’Œ

    1. Am super glad that you liked it. Thanks for your such motivating compliment which will further help me to write such types of articles in future. Keep supporting. Keep loving. Stay connected with my blog.😊 Cause your support is worth it. Cheers to women unity. πŸ˜„

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  1. I completely agree with you, I would like to add that.. women are advised to subdue to men, whether on physical intimacy, to earn less than man, to behave in such a way so that you can make him feel superior, to love such that he can feel his pride and he can feel the power because that’s the basic nature of man to show his manliness. Well, that’s the basic nature of woman too. To feel the power and show him she is also a Queen. I don’t know why one has to subdue..why can’t we nurture each other.

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    1. And i consider such views as awakening calls. It is all about awareness. We are aware how strong a woman is. Even a lion cannot grow his kingdom without a Lioness. So,if we will promote the fe-maliness then i guess more women out there who are underestimated by those men will surely get the spirit to rise above the sunken cloud. Keep your views high like star. Much love. πŸ™‚


  2. This is a super post. We women believe in loyalty that many of our counterparts don’t reciprocate. At such a time we must voice out ourselves to put them in their places. It doesn’t take long for someone to take you for granted.

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  3. Wooow……..your points are very true. But some of us(guys) really appreciate the female gender.
    For example, I personally have a very good, but not perfect understanding about the female gender, because I have feminine life-style to the extent that my friends changed my name from Saint Francis to Sister Francis.
    I have also written so many articles on relationship, marriage and love generally, which I will soon share on my blog(Wisdom Bank Network) soon.
    Just keep keeping in touch.

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    1. I know. This world is still a happening place just because of guys like you. Only cause of guys like you, we women are high spirited that one day we will gain our justice and equality.
      Moreover, keeping feminism lifestyle despite being a guy is not a hard shoot. Hey? If girls can wear shirts and pants and are comfortable enough to be called Tomboys then why can’t you guys? Its so much comfortable. Let them call you names. If you are comfortable in leading this lifestyle then trust me,nothing can give you REAL pleasure and confidence other than this. Reflect your inner you. Reflect your confidence. Am with you. Would love to read your upcoming articles. Star loaden love. 😊😊😊


  4. It’s important for WOMEN to understand their role in nature. In nature there are two energies, masculine and feminine. If you want a masculine man you will need to be more feminine. That means not bitching and trying to control and fight with him. Now if you want a more feminine man then you will have the equality you seek. My personal opinion.

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  5. What perfect adviceβ€”so happy you’re spreading the good vibes. I too, am an ignorer of news and gossip. A fan of dancing to MY beat. Of picnics, beach walks, dirt under my fingernails in the garden. Lots of love to you, sweet, sassy lightworker! xxx

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    1. Oh wow. These all sounds so interesting. Am glad enough that you did not loose this fun aspect of life. Stay like this forvever and never hesitate to inspire me to write such vibrant articles in future. Stay connected ,love. I really loved this touchy feeling. 😊😊😘😘😘


  6. your posts are the need of the hour… they throw light on the most important issues that need to be tackled… spreading awareness is the key.. we must all get together and work towards it

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    1. I mean seriously, I do not have words have to express my gratitude. Dear, yeah. My articles really emphasise on the problems faced by all the girls in this era. Keep supporting. For views like yours can change the world and can make it better place to live. Stay blessed.😊

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  7. Since you’ve just begun blogging, I find your about page empty. Also, after a few sentences of the post you write, insert a ‘read more’ tagline. So that it’ll be easy for readers to scroll down to older posts once they’ve finished reading the topmost ones. Happy blogging! πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s not enough if we let ourselves know through our posts. We can’t be ‘The Girl in the green Scarf’ type of Shopoholic movie. We have to say who we are. Just express what you feel like over there. You needn’t give too much of personal details over there. Just follow your heart! πŸ˜€

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