#HerSpiritPassion – Deepa Rai | Fashion Interview |Β 

Heyyyyy ! Exciting greetings to all😻

Welcome my #HerSpiritPassion first participant β€” Miss. Deepa Rai ( Former Miss. SIKKIM ) 


|| She is Deepa Rai.INDIAN. 5″4. Just completed her graduation. Doing Bsc.Mathematics Hons. A dancer. Majorly, she has been FORMER MISS. SIKKIM 2K15. πŸ˜±πŸ™Œ ||


🌷Fashion Interview🌷

Me- What is fashion to you? 

Deepa- Fashion for me…basically is comfort… And making myself look presentable enough. Like for eg, Heels. They are trendy and fashionable but I’d prefer sneakers over heels, because its comfortable. And one can make sneakers equally stylish and classy as well..if you can pull it off. 

Me-When did you develop interest in this fashion field?

Deepa-Ummmm…by the course of time..as i grew or matured maybe. I was always a casual looking girl, where i used to wear normals tees and jeans and a converse would do good to me. Naturally i started experimenting on different styles on me keeping it minimal..as in not flashy. So that’s it.
Me-What is your casual go outfit?

Deepa-My casual go outfit would definitely be black pant/jeggings, a text tee(white precisely), and sneakers. Anytime,everytime.


Me-Things which you keep in your bag as you leave your home? 

Deepa-Ummm liptint (nudes), and earplugs, perfume, ya that’s all.


Me-What should be every girl’s wardrobe?

Deepa-A black pant is a must have for sure. And a bodycon dress is a saviour.


Me-What is your beauty regime?

Deepa-My beauty regime is very basic… I religiously follow.the CTM method. In the morning, i use a cleanser, toner and a moisturiser. Following up with a facial mist. Not so much of a make up person..  So at times when i wanna feel pretty i use a bb cream, mascara and nude lipstick. Way to goπŸ˜πŸ˜βœ”


Me- How do you manage to be in shape?

Deepa-Ummm.. workout and healthy food. No dieting. I eat in Small proportion but many times in a day. Plus im a dancer, so dancing keeps me in form.


Me- Fashion advice which you’d like to convey to your present youth? 

Deepa-I always feel that if you’re gonna be uncomfortable and unhappy in something, just because you think it’s in or it’s chic, I would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed. It’s better to be happy.

 There’s a saying from Coco chanel, that says, Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. So believe that is mostly applicable to all the youth rather than being shabby about it.

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πŸ”—πŸ’—πŸ”—All well that ends wellπŸ”—πŸ’—πŸ”—

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    1. Thanks Roberta. She is Deepa Rae waiting to get a worldwide exposure so that she can make her “Presence Seen” in the world. Kindly join in with the movement #HerSpiritPassion to support every girl including she to be confident and make her dream , a reality. πŸ™‚

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