Sunshine Blogger Award🌞

Heya readers.💖

Been a really really long time,huh? Well, exams are over. Tan-Tada🍻 So am again back on my duty.😻👯 

Am so much overwhelmed to get this Award. Also, I can feel that sunshine-like happiness in my life. 😍😋 

Adelina, thanks alot. Am really happy that I even got a chance to read your amazing posts and being on your nominee list is like yayy😍🙏. 


Facts about me, yeah me ! 😄 

  • Am a born dope personality. 😎
  • I like people who love my all sides.😊
  • I actually never watched FRIENDS. (Will the society accept me?😱) 
  • Am Nike+ freak. 👊
  • I love giving positive vibes.🙌💖
  • Am actually a kid in some cases😂
  • I use johnsons baby products🙈


Questions to be answered:-

Q.1 What are some amazing things about you as a person and vice versa?

Ans. Okay. So so what I consider amazing in myself is my bombastic energy. 🙀👊 I love filling people with loads of good vibes and amazing feelings.😋 I love to make them watch the positive side of every situation. 😁✌ 

Now, what i don’t find amazing in me is sometimes I lack to see positivity in my life when some major crisis occurs. I lack that girl empowering enthusiasm.😅But no problem, I’ll fix it up. 😎

Q.2 Other than blogging, what would you spend your free time doing? 

Ans. Well, after blogging I actually love checking out pinterest, instagram etc. 

Q.3- Tell us a moment where you were proud of yourself?

Ans. For me it was my FIRST BLOG POST😍 Yes. People started changing their mindset and i was able to make a change in people’s outlook. What could be more amazing than this? 😻💘



  • Roberta
  • Anika
  • Aanchal
  • Arjun Chabbra
  • Sanjana


My questions for these nominees?

Q.1 If you have one year left to live, what all would you do in it?

Q.2 Do you believe in living for passion or earning for living? 

Q.3  What is your reason behind writing blogs? You do it for Passion or to Change the society ? 

Well, here i stop. Am happy for everything and as i conclude this blog post. I’d like to thanks millions of cells and angel looking upon me and blessing me. God bless you all too. Accept the good vibes am sending.😚😔💖💖 


13 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award🌞

  1. You sound like a dope person to get to know! Loving the positive vibes on your blog btw ❤ (also don’t kill me anyone reading the comments, I agree “friends” is like a tiny bit over rated to be honest, fun but there’s definitely better television out there now)

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